Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJuly 1, 2023Jolly Roger Telephone uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to fool telemarketing scammersSoftware developer Roger Anderson has harnessed the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 language model to tackle telemarketing scams through his service, Jolly Roger Telephone. By offering AI personalities that engage scammers in absurd conversations, Anderson's service aims to waste their time. The Wall Street Journal highlighted a successful interaction where a scammer claiming to be from Bank of America was met with Whitey Whitebeard, an AI character skilled at speaking in circles. The scammer eventually hung up out of sheer exhaustion after about six minutes. Jolly Roger Telephone has been operating for nearly a decade, but Anderson saw an opportunity to enhance it with the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022. The service uses a combination of stalling tactics, voice cloners, and GPT-4's generated responses to create lifelike and ridiculous conversations. Available in multiple countries, Jolly Roger Telephone offers various AI personalities, such as Salty Sally and Whiskey Jack, each with their own quirks and characteristics. Subscribers can connect their landline or mobile phone numbers to the service, which costs $1.99 per month. Anderson's innovative approach has garnered attention for its effectiveness in fooling scammers and providing some entertainment in the process.