Technology, ProgrammingJune 29, 2023GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 enables deeper collaboration and faster workflowsGitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 introduces a range of new features to enhance collaboration, observability, and workflow efficiency for organizations. With the new time-based view in GitHub Projects, teams can visualize issues and pull requests over time, facilitating better planning and iteration. Automation tools like auto-add and auto-archive streamline project management, while the copy functionality allows for easy replication of effective project settings. GitHub Advanced Security users can now enable code scanning on repositories with just a few clicks, monitor code scanning health and coverage, and benefit from secret scanning for custom patterns on push. Enhanced observability tools, including the use of OpenTelemetry structured log standard and new upgrade management features, provide operators with better control and visibility. Additionally, GitHub Actions introduces auto-scaling capabilities with the Actions Runner Controller (ARC), enabling organizations to scale their workflows with ease. GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 is a comprehensive update empowering organizations to collaborate seamlessly, protect their code, enhance observability, and scale their workflows, ultimately driving greater impact and productivity.
Source: The GitHub Blog