Technology, Blockchain, CryptocurrencySeptember 5, 2023Bitcoin ordinals founder proposes immutable metadata for inscriptionsBitcoin Ordinals (ORDI), a blockchain-based platform known for its unique inscriptions, is proposing a significant update that could enhance its functionality. Introduced in January 2023 by Casey Rodarmor, Bitcoin Ordinals allow for the numbering and tracking of individual satoshis, transforming them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Unlike traditional NFTs, Bitcoin Ordinals store content directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. The proposed addition of metadata aims to introduce plain-text key-value pairs to these inscriptions, enabling more information to be associated with each token. The proposal supports a wide range of use cases and is designed to be easily readable and displayed without a specific schema. While retroactively adding metadata to existing inscriptions is not possible, trading platforms like Ordinals Wallet and Hiro Wallet have emerged to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin Ordinals. This move to add metadata could potentially set a precedent for other blockchain platforms, offering improved utility and readability. As the demand for Bitcoin Ordinals grows, it is expected that the ecosystem will continue to mature, providing users with more user-friendly experiences and expanding use cases, including the porting of Ethereum NFT collections to the Bitcoin blockchain.
Source: Blockchain News