Technology, CloudAugust 31, 2023Ekho: A system to keep cloud-based gamers in syncResearchers from MIT and Microsoft Research have collaborated to develop a groundbreaking system known as Ekho, aimed at tackling the persistent challenge of interdevice synchronization in cloud gaming and networking. This innovative system utilizes a combination of inaudible white noise sequences and advanced audio analysis techniques to accurately measure and compensate for the delay between different streams. Through extensive testing, Ekho has demonstrated remarkable results, achieving synchronization levels within an impressive margin of less than 10 milliseconds, surpassing the performance of existing synchronization methods. This cutting-edge technology not only has the potential to revolutionize the user experience in cloud gaming but also holds promise for diverse applications in multidevice streaming scenarios, including immersive technologies like augmented or virtual reality headsets. Ongoing efforts are focused on further refining Ekho's capabilities and exploring its potential in more complex situations, with the aim of unlocking its full range of benefits.
Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology