Technology, Artificial Intelligence, PythonAugust 28, 2023Computer scientists use AI to accelerate computing speed by thousands of timesA team of computer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has developed Scalene, an open-source tool that dramatically speeds up the programming language Python. Python programs are known for their slow execution, often running up to 60,000 times slower than code written in other languages. Scalene efficiently identifies the areas in Python code that cause lag, enabling programmers to optimize their code for higher performance. Python has gained popularity due to its user-friendly nature and extensive libraries for data science and machine learning. However, its inefficiency poses a challenge. Profilers, tools used to identify slow code, have offered limited assistance to Python programmers, leaving them to figure out solutions themselves. Scalene stands out as the first profiler that not only identifies inefficiencies in Python code but also utilizes AI to suggest improvements. By analyzing CPU, GPU, and memory usage, Scalene pinpoints areas responsible for Python's sluggishness, and offers a promising solution to accelerate Python code execution and improve overall computing speed. Leveraging AI technology, similar to ChatGPT, Scalene provides actionable suggestions to optimize individual lines or code groups, helping programmers achieve maximum speed.
Source: University of Massachusetts Amherst