Technology, Artificial Intelligence, RoboticsAugust 24, 2023Dual-Arm robot achieves bimanual tasks with human-level tactile sensitivity using AIScientists at the University of Bristol have made significant strides in the field of robotics with their innovative bimanual robot system, Bi-Touch. This groundbreaking technology allows robots to perform manual tasks with a level of tactile sensitivity that is close to human dexterity. By leveraging AI and learning from simulation, the robots can sense and interpret their environment through tactile and proprioceptive feedback, enabling them to manipulate objects with precision and gentleness. The findings, published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, demonstrate the potential of this system to revolutionize industries like fruit picking and domestic service, while also offering the promise of recreating touch in artificial limbs. The researchers have successfully trained the AI agents in a virtual world, transferring their skills seamlessly to the real world, which opens up exciting possibilities for further advancements in robotics and automation. With the ability to mimic human-like touch, Bi-Touch has the potential to enhance the capabilities of robots in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and even space exploration, where delicate tasks and intricate object manipulation are required. The integration of AI and tactile sensing not only optimizes the efficiency and safety of these robots but also paves the way for new applications that were previously unimaginable.
Source: University of Bristol