Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJune 28, 2023China's Baidu makes bold claim: Ernie 3.5 surpasses OpenAI's ChatGPTChinese tech giant Baidu, the leading search engine provider in China, has made a bold proclamation, asserting its AI model, Ernie 3.5, superiority over OpenAI's ChatGPT. Baidu highlights Ernie 3.5's exceptional performance across various metrics and comprehensive ability scores, showcased through a test conducted by the state newspaper China Science Daily which utilizes datasets including AGIEval and C-Eval, commonly used to evaluate the performance of AI models. While OpenAI has refrained from responding to these claims, Baidu emphasizes Ernie's significant advantages, including enhanced training efficiency, faster inference speed, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, Ernie's new plugin support enables it to tackle supplementary tasks effectively. Baidu's potential expansion of Ernie into the Western market adds a fascinating layer to the competition, potentially posing a challenge to Google and intensifying the race for AI technological advancements. The outcome of this rivalry may lead to accelerated innovation and exciting progress in the field of artificial intelligence.
Source: Business Today