Technology, Artificial IntelligenceAugust 16, 2023Google Chrome's AI feature for article summarization raises concerns for bloggersGoogle is set to introduce a new feature to its Search Generative Experience (SGE) that will provide article summaries within its Chrome web browser. This feature aims to offer users a convenient way to access key points of an article, potentially saving time and providing concise information. However, this development has raised concerns among bloggers and content creators who fear that it may have a negative impact on their work. By relying on AI-generated summaries, readers may be less inclined to engage with the full content, potentially missing out on important details, context, or the overall personality of the article. This could be particularly troubling for those writing about sensitive or serious topics where omitting crucial information can have significant consequences. The worry is that the summarization feature may inadvertently discourage readers from fully appreciating the efforts and value provided by content creators. While Google's CEO Sundar Pichai suggests that such features will become the norm in the future, it remains to be seen how this shift will affect the blogging community and their ability to effectively convey their messages and insights.