Technology, Blockchain, Artificial IntelligenceAugust 10, 2023Microsoft and Aptos Labs partner to revolutionize services through blockchain and AI integrationMicrosoft has partnered with Aptos Labs, a layer-1 blockchain firm, in an ambitious collaboration aimed at revolutionizing their services through the integration of blockchain data and artificial intelligence (AI). This strategic alliance will see Aptos Labs utilizing Microsoft's Azure Cloud infrastructure to enhance the reliability and security of its services, while Microsoft's AI models will be trained using verified blockchain data provided by Aptos. With Aptos Labs securing a remarkable $350 million in funding and transaction capabilities supporting up to 160,000 transactions per second, this collaboration positions both companies at the forefront of blockchain and AI innovation. Microsoft's commitment to addressing the risks associated with AI models, including bias, misinformation, privacy concerns, and security risks, is evident through the establishment of its AI red team in 2018. By combining their expertise, Microsoft and Aptos Labs aim to leverage the power of AI and blockchain technology to solve industry-specific challenges and drive innovation in various sectors, while also emphasizing the importance of transparency, authenticity, and responsible integration of these cutting-edge technologies.
Source: NFT Now