Technology, Artificial IntelligenceAugust 9, 2023Apple introduces personal voice: AI feature Enables voice cloning and enhances accessibility on iOS 17Apple has introduced a groundbreaking feature called Personal Voice as part of the iOS 17 public beta, enabling users to clone their voice and utilize it across various native and third-party communication applications on their iPhone. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Personal Voice creates an incredibly accurate replica of the user's voice, which is stored on the device and works alongside on-device machine learning for enhanced privacy. The introduction of Personal Voice aligns with Apple's commitment to cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobile accessibility, which were initially announced in May and discussed in more detail at the WWDC23 developers conference. This feature is particularly significant for individuals at risk of losing their ability to speak, such as those diagnosed with ALS or other conditions, as it serves as a speech accessibility bridge. Users are prompted to read a set of text prompts, allowing the device to capture their voice accurately. The completion of this process, which typically takes 20-30 minutes depending on the user's speaking pace, enables individuals to communicate with friends and family in a voice that sounds like their own. The release of iOS 17 to the general public is expected in September, offering this extraordinary feature to a wider audience.
Source: NFT Now