Technology, Computer SimulationsJuly, 27 2023Researchers develop efficient algorithm for Investigating long-range interacting systemsResearchers at Leipzig University have developed an efficient algorithm to investigate systems with long-range interactions, which were previously challenging to analyze. Using Monte Carlo computer simulations, the team led by Professor Wolfhard Janke can generate random system states to determine the properties of the system. By restructuring the algorithm and using suitable data structures, the researchers were able to significantly reduce the required computing time, allowing for the investigation of new questions and phenomena. The new method has been successfully applied to nonequilibrium processes in systems with long-range interactions, such as spontaneous ordering processes and phase separation. For instance, one application of the method involves studying the growth of ordered domains in an initially disordered system following an abrupt temperature drop, mimicking the formation of droplets on a cold window when hot steam cools down. Additionally, the algorithm has been used to investigate processes with controlled slower cooling rates, which are of interest in cosmology and solid-state physics. This methodological advance offers a wide range of application scenarios for both basic research and practical applications.
Source: Universität Leipzig