Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJuly 20, 2023Study shows AI algorithms can learn like humans, overcoming memory loss in machine learningResearchers at The Ohio State University have conducted a study on the impact of continual learning on the performance of artificial agents. Continual learning refers to the process in which computers continuously learn a sequence of tasks, leveraging their accumulated knowledge to improve learning new tasks. The study aimed to address the issue of catastrophic forgetting, where artificial neural networks tend to lose information from previous tasks as they learn new ones. The researchers found that diverse tasks in succession improved the network's ability to recall information, similar to how humans remember inherently different situations more easily. The findings have implications for developing autonomous systems with lifelong learning capabilities, enabling faster scaling of machine learning algorithms and adaptation to evolving environments. The research was presented at the International Conference on Machine Learning and supported by the National Science Foundation and the Army Research Office.
Source: Ohio State University