Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJuly 14, 2023Google Bard Introduces Speech Feature, Expands Language Support and Productivity ToolsGoogle Bard has recently undergone an update, granting the AI chatbot the ability to read out generated responses in over 40 languages. This new speech feature aims to assist users in learning correct pronunciation. Additionally, Bard's availability is expanding to more global regions, including Brazil and Europe, after resolving initial privacy concerns raised by the European Union. Users can now adjust the tone and style of Bard's responses, offering greater customization options. The update also includes productivity tools such as conversation pinning, response sharing via shareable links, exporting Python code to Replit, and the integration of Google Lens for image analysis. While most features are available in multiple languages, certain aspects like the five tones and Google Lens support are currently limited to the English version, with plans to expand to new languages in the future. The introduction of speech capabilities in Google Bard, along with its expanded language support and productivity tools, enhances the overall user experience and makes the AI chatbot a more versatile and useful tool. With future plans to include more languages and features, Google Bard continues to evolve and offer valuable functionalities to its users worldwide.