Technology, Cryptocurrency, NFTJuly 12, 2023Coinbase now offers encrypted messaging for secure communication between Ethereum addressesCoinbase, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced an encrypted messaging feature to its wallet, marking a significant development in the crypto space. The newly launched messaging service allows secure communication between any two Ethereum addresses and is powered by the XMTP protocol. Initially, the feature will be accessible to a select group of users, including Lens protocol users and those who scan the provided QR code. With over 1.3 million Ethereum addresses supported, the messaging feature not only enables direct communication but also opens up new possibilities for NFT and POAP holders to connect with others who share the same assets. This innovation goes beyond conventional communication, fostering connections that may have been challenging to establish otherwise. Additionally, the messaging capability serves as a crucial security measure, addressing common issues such as accidental crypto transactions, false ownership claims, and fraudulent profiles on social media. Users can also verify wallet addresses without the need for a small balance transfer. Moreover, the chats are interoperable and can be transferred to any XMTP-compatible app, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users. Despite recent legal action by the SEC, Coinbase remains committed to enhancing its wallet offerings and maintaining its position as a leading player in the dynamic crypto landscape.
Source: NFT Now