Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJuly 7, 2023OpenAI empowers ChatGPT Plus users with code interpreter: Unlocking powerful data analysis capabilitiesOpenAI has announced that it is making its in-house plug-in, Code Interpreter, available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This plug-in allows ChatGPT to run code and perform various tasks such as data analysis, chart creation, file editing, and mathematical operations. With the ability to write code in Python and manipulate files up to 100MB in size, Code Interpreter empowers users to generate charts, maps, data visualizations, and more. It has received positive feedback from ChatGPT power users and tech influencers who believe that it unlocks a new level of data analysis capabilities, enabling anyone to become a data analyst. Code Interpreter also addresses concerns about ChatGPT's limitations by offering new use cases and expanding its functionality. OpenAI prioritizes safety in the design of Code Interpreter and plans to refine safety protocols based on user feedback during the beta version. This tool represents a significant step forward in AI and data science, providing users with a valuable companion for sophisticated knowledge work.