Technology, SoftwareJuly 6, 2023Princeton engineers develop Infinigen, a mathematical software system empowering computer vision of the futureInfinigen, developed by researchers at Princeton University, is a groundbreaking tool for computer vision training and beyond. It offers a unique approach to generating labeled visual data sets, setting it apart from existing AI image generators. Infinigen's automated labeling feature, powered by a mathematical approach, allows for the extraction of labels, making it particularly valuable for training robots and autonomous vehicles. With Infinigen, users have the ability to create as much realism or unreality as desired, ensuring that machines are trained to handle a wide range of environments they may encounter. Its versatility extends to various industries, including augmented and virtual reality, game development, film-making, 3D printing, and content generation. By leveraging the capabilities of Infinigen, researchers hope to revolutionize the development of autonomous vehicles, home robots, and other technologies that rely on accurate computer vision. They envision Infinigen becoming an essential resource, providing diverse and realistic visual scenes for training data across different applications and domains.
Source: Princeton University