Technology, Blockchain, NFTJuly 3, 2023"The X Collection" NFTs to enhance employee engagementPluxee's partnership with DFINITY Foundation and Yumi to launch 'The X Collection' NFTs marks a significant step in leveraging technology to foster community and engagement within the workforce. By embracing blockchain technology and NFTs, Pluxee demonstrates its commitment to digital innovation and staying at the forefront of technological advances. This groundbreaking initiative not only enhances employee interactions but also showcases Pluxee's dedication to corporate social responsibility through its donations to Stop Hunger. The X Collection, consisting of 5,000 digital collectibles representing the visual elements of the 31 countries where Pluxee operates, provides a unique platform for employees to trade and connect with one another. Hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain, these NFTs exemplify the emerging trend of NFT as a Service (NFTaaS). As this innovative use of NFTs evolves, it has the potential to shape workplace culture not only within Pluxee but also across other organizations, setting a new precedent for utilizing blockchain technology to enhance employee experiences, foster meaningful connections, and drive positive social impact.
Source: NFT News Today