Technology, Artificial IntelligenceJune 23, 2023YouTube to launch AI-powered tool for video dubbing and translationYouTube is set to launch a new AI-powered dubbing tool that will empower creators to reach a global audience by translating their videos into different languages. This initiative aims to provide an accessible solution for creators to translate their content into unfamiliar languages at no cost, benefiting smaller channels without the means to hire human translators. Utilizing the Google-developed Aloud and the expertise of the AI team from Area 120, the tool functions by transcribing videos into scripts, which can then be edited to refine accuracy and timing. By submitting the edited script, Aloud automatically translates the video, allowing creators to publish dubbed content by adding new audio tracks to the original video. Needless to say, creators aren't required to possess language expertise. While the launch date for the Aloud update remains unknown, YouTube is actively working on expanding the AI's capabilities, currently limited to translating English content into Spanish or Portuguese. Furthermore, future enhancements will add features like voice preservation, improved emotion transfer, and lip reanimation to enhance pronunciation. YouTube is also implementing safeguards to ensure only creators can dub their own content. As of June 2023, over 10,000 videos have already been dubbed in 70 languages, with the platform currently testing Aloud AI with hundreds of YouTube creators.