Bitcoin ordinals founder proposes immutable metadata for inscriptions

Google introduces a watermark tool to combat misinformation in AI-generated images

Ekho: A system to keep cloud-based gamers in sync

Computer scientists use AI to accelerate computing speed by thousands of times

Dual-Arm robot achieves bimanual tasks with human-level tactile sensitivity using AI

Researchers develop AI technique for robots to manipulate objects with their whole bodies

A new algorithm for trajectory planning enables faster and more efficient flight

Google Chrome's AI feature for article summarization raises concerns for bloggers

WhatsApp introduces AI-powered sticker generation tool, hints at future AI integration

Microsoft and Aptos Labs partner to revolutionize services through blockchain and AI integration

Apple introduces personal voice: AI feature Enables voice cloning and enhances accessibility on iOS 17

New AI model reduces bias and enhances trust in decision-making, revolutionizing healthcare outcomes

ChatGPT, the chemistry assistant: Streamlining literature searches and predicting experimental results

CO-oPS app: Harnessing community oversight for enhanced mobile privacy and security management

Cutting-Edge innovation enables machines to see in darkness like daylight, revolutionizing perception and robotics

CU Boulder engineers create groundbreaking shape-shifting display, paving the way for touch-enabled digital experiences

AI language models vulnerable to manipulation, raising concerns over safety and misuse

Researchers develop efficient algorithm for Investigating long-range interacting systems

AI classifier shutdown: The challenge of distinguishing AI-generated content raises concerns over misinformation

Researchers develop efficient machine-learning technique for enhanced robot control in dynamic environments

Study shows AI algorithms can learn like humans, overcoming memory loss in machine learning

Revolutionizing website creation: Wix introduces AI-powered tool for effortless customization

Human-Aware AI accelerates scientific discoveries: A paradigm shift in research capabilities

Revolutionary soft sensors: A breakthrough in haptic sensing for robotics and prosthetics

Meta unveils CM3leon: A new AI image generation model with enhanced efficiency

The democratization of content creation: How generative AI empowers enterprises

Google Bard Introduces Speech Feature, Expands Language Support and Productivity Tools

Coinbase now offers encrypted messaging for secure communication between Ethereum addresses

Swiss engineers train legged robots for lunar exploration: A teamwork approach for resilient missions

DynIBar Software Enables Creation of New Views from Existing Video Footage

OpenAI empowers ChatGPT Plus users with code interpreter: Unlocking powerful data analysis capabilities

Maximizing success on Meta's Threads: Strategies for Web3 adoption

Princeton engineers develop Infinigen, a mathematical software system empowering computer vision of the future

Algorithmic breakthrough: Predicting material structures for a sustainable future

"The X Collection" NFTs to enhance employee engagement

Jolly Roger Telephone uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to fool telemarketing scammers

Next-Generation reflective displays: Researchers develop energy-efficient and flexible visual solutions

Windows 12: Redesigning the cloud and unleashing the future of computing

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 enables deeper collaboration and faster workflows

Revolutionizing music rehabilitation: Robotic glove uses machine learning to enhance musical skills

China's Baidu makes bold claim: Ernie 3.5 surpasses OpenAI's ChatGPT

A protocol has been developed for decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

New computer memory design developed to reduce energy consumption and improve performance

YouTube to launch AI-powered tool for video dubbing and translation