History of Namira

Namira Software Corporation consists of a group of experienced and professional, creative and literate people.
Namira’s main field of activity is game and application design and development. Beside games, we design and develop websites. To get more on these areas, you can visit our game, app and work sample pages.
Beside game, application and site design and development, after years of research and effort on implementing software with the use of world technology and with the help of a young, talented, knowledgeable and experienced team of software developers, Namira is highly experienced in the software development industry.
Other areas of our activity are game publication, consultancy services, quality assurance, advertising performance, NFT production, artificial intelligence, ERP and BPMS solution representation, data analysis project implementation, BI project implementation and project implementation in the security area.

Our Merits


We have gathered a highly skillful team with every necessary skill for design and development of our products and services.


Our up-to-date knowledge about various developments and challenges in our industry helps us to create what our users actually need.


High quality born out of our experience, creativity and innovation has helped us to build and maintain users trust and loyalty.


With more than 12 years of accumulated knowledge and skill, we are ready to apply our experience to new challenges in our industry.



The main steps in producing an application are: graphic designing, coding and programming (developing), testing (quality assurance) and publishing.

The time and cost of producing an application varies depending on the reason behind the app being designed and used for.

Same as application, the main steps in producing a mobile game are: graphic designing, coding and programming (developing), testing (quality assurance) and publishing.

The time and cost of producing a game varies depending on the complexity of the game.

Website design and implementation includes the following steps: graphic design, frontend coding, backend coding, testing and publishing.

Website design and implementation can be project-based or time-based. The cost and time depends on the workload.

ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software companies plan appropriately for their resources such as people, materials, wealth, etc. BPMS is the abbreviation of Business Process Management System. BPMS software is used to study, analyze and optimize business processes. What these 2 kinds of software have in common is profit and production increase.

Pricing and time duration of implementing NEW software is related to each company’s requirements. After customer presentation and determining required subsystems, number of users, reports, unique features and implementation time estimation, the final price will be announced.

All and every step in designing and implementing a website such as work sample presentation, contract, designing, etc. can be done not in perosn. For NEW software implementation, most steps such as customer presentation, contract, data transfer (if needed), etc., can be done not in perosn, and part of the job such as training and delivery will be done in person.