History of Namira

Namira Software Corporation was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced developers in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Namira team has since been dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly solutions in software and web development for businesses of all sizes and industries. Before establishing the company, the founders had already developed exceptional software products for organizational resources and business processes, customer registration, order, and payment in markets, among others. Their prior experience in creating software solutions for various industries served as a solid foundation for the establishment of Namira.
Since its establishment, Namira has continued to evolve its services to incorporate the latest technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence and NFTs, so that they can better serve their clients' growing needs. The team has expanded its field of activity to encompass a wide range of services, including games, mobile and web applications, APIs, browser extensions, databases, and more. This has been possible by attracting talented individuals and making a well-rounded team of professionals capable of handling all aspects of a project, from design to quality assurance, support, project management, and consultancy. Throughout the years, Namira has built a reputation as a reliable and agile software and web development company by collaborating with many clients and showcasing its expertise through numerous projects.
Today, with over 18 years of combined experience, Namira is confident in its ability to continue delivering high-quality products that make a real difference in the digital landscape.

Our Stats and Accomplishments

01+20 Years of Experience
02+30 Services
03+500 Integrations
04+50M Lines of Code
05+100 Clients
06+500 Projects